24 Hour Challenge

Mission Headquarters

Looking for ways to clock up your 24 hours? Check out these super missions inspired by your favourite DisneyPixar Incredibles 2 characters. Each mission should take you at least 10 minutes. Repeat your favourites to keep clocking up your time!

Select a character below to see their missions.

Skills: Stretch
Missions: 1 - 4
Mr. Incredible
Skills: Strength
Missions: 5 - 8
Skills: Defense (Ball skills)
Missions: 9 - 12
Skills: Speed
Missions: 13 - 16
Jack Jack
Skills: Wild Card
Missions: 17 - 21
Skills: Wheel Skills/Balance
Missions: 22 - 25

Elastigirl's Missions

Mr.Incredible's Missions

Violet's Missions

Dash's Missions

Jack Jack's Missions

Frozone's Missions

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